Passing Step 2 CK in 4 weeks!

5/20/2016 9:28:04 AM
Hello friends

This is IMG just graduated
Can I pass step 2 ck with studying Uworld in 4 weeks with average 6 hours a day?

Please I need you advice and support

5/30/2016 4:53:19 PM
I am doing the same thing here my dear.
Let belive in our selves and do it.

6/6/2016 9:14:18 PM

how's ur 4 week plan going? just curious to see how you are measuring your progress. I know someone who is pretty good at training in such a short period, but he is a hard us on being studious. safe and meaningful algorithms for mgmt protocols, he's awesome. write him at Lorusmoondoc at gmail dot com

6/15/2016 7:29:04 PM
If you would like to study...go over NBME questions and content 1 hr per day. Message me on skype alishafimd

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