5/27/2016 10:02:26 AM
Taking step 2 CS next week, can someone please answer these:
1) Do I have to summarise the history to the SP right after I have taken it? As in before doing Physical exam? Or there's no need for it? And closure at the end should be enough?
2) Are the vitals written in a tab in the patient note? so I can just copy & paste from there?
3) Do I need to measure BP in any case? esp orthostatic hypotension case? It will take so long to measure BP in sitting, standing then laying position!

5/27/2016 11:09:36 PM
Hey! Good luck with your exam

1) it is totally up to you, I personally prefer to summarize right after the history taking, but it is also okay to do in closure.
2) yes vitals written
3) we don't measure BP, you can write in patient note though

I hope it helps

5/28/2016 9:55:23 AM
gpmt738307 Thank you so much for your reply

5/28/2016 1:30:39 PM
Can someone tell me, in the workup section of patient note, should I just write tests for the 3 Differential Diagnosis I picked? or do we have to write tests for all the differentials (that I didn't even mention in my patient note)
e.g my diff dx is MI, Angina, P.E, in the workup do I need to write tests for PUD? (which could have been a differential as well)

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