Incorrectly Answered Questions

9/25/2016 7:58:54 AM
Hey UWorld users,

I have a question about creating tests using questions that I answered wrong (characterized as "Incorrect"). I know I can go through UWorld twice, but if I create tests using the "Incorrect" questions, does this qualify as my second run-through? Would I be unable to use those questions again when I am studying this spring/summer for Step?


9/25/2016 2:29:52 PM
I hope this helps...
You can reuse the questions at any time (you can even set to "all"). Another way to target those incorrect questions would be to mark them and do questions from unmarked. However, there is no guarantee that a particular question would not be repeated in a three consecutive blocks (40q per set or less).
The good thing is that you get to use the reset button only once. That means when you do, all questions are reset to undone. So, you may think about using this for that second run in the summer.
All the best!

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