11/1/2016 9:50:22 PM
I started studying for Step 3 using Kaplan videos for Step 3 and Kaplan Step 3 lecture notes. I would annotate from the videos onto my Kaplan notes so that next time I can just review it while reading the notes and I dont have to go back to the videos. The videos are short and case-based. Every video will have a different case and they are arranged specialty-wise. So basically its very nicely organized. After my first reading of Kaplan notes and videos, I started doing Kaplan Qbank for step 3 along with reading the notes once more and also putting down notes from Kaplan questions in the same book so that its all in one place. Once i got done with that, I did MKSAP questions. these questions are only pertaining to Internal Medicine. I did them just for practice but I would say if you have time, you can do it, if not you can skip because its very detailed. But if you want more questions to practice it will surely help. Once i got done with this, i started watching Archer videos - dr red has done an excellent job in explaining all the concepts in a very nice way. i really like watching the lecture videos, they are time consuming. again i made notes in that same book. There is also archer ccs videos that you can subcribe to where dr red walks you through the entire process of ccs case. After all this, I started Uworld Question bank for Step 3. The explanations just like in all other usmle world qbanks are excellent and very thorough. I did uworld twice. If you have time you could do it more times. I made detailed notes in a separate book which was only uworld notes. After that i started ccs uworld and kept practicing those cases. Also if you look online, there are additional cases available for practice - you should practice all cases - in the uworld software and online uworld cases. also the usmle gives 5 cases as a software, practice those as well to get a good feel of the software. keep reading the notes again and again and running the algorithms. time management is a key. also for biostats i forgot to talk about it in the beginning - i read kaplan to get started, then read biostatistics from scratch, biostats for medicine, washington manual for biostatistics, all these books really helped me clarify my concepts for biostatistics. also there are tons of videos on youtube that help you learn how to interpret the biostatistics which is the most important part. And practice is the key guys. i had also practiced and solved many bioisatistics questions before my test and also know how to interpret findings. Hope that helps. wishing you all lots of good luck and do well on your exam.
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11/14/2016 3:55:07 PM
Good afternoon,
thank you for explaining how to prepare for step 3, Its really helpful.

I would like to ask for your help, because I'm trying to pass the exam, as I didn't pass step 3 twice and I'm really frustrated although I tried to use uworld, and its crucial for me to pass as I will repeat the exam at end of December,

From where I can get Kaplan notes and videos.
How can I get MKSAP MCQ's
How can I get Archer videos
And do you know anybody I can share with him uworld access as my subscriptions for uworld expired and its kind of expensive.

Thank you very much
[email protected]

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