Step 2 CS secret to Pass !

11/23/2016 7:21:21 PM
Hello Fellows

Briefly i want to share my experience on how i passed the step 2 CS with you.

Well, When i decided to take this $2000 exam i had nobody yes nobody to prepare with ...Honestly.
I bought First aid step CS and start reading it , i did not spend too much time on mini cases( but their are very good for DDx), after 2 days of reading them i switched to reading big cases Almost i did them twice some of them 3x, so in 2 weeks almost i read these cases 2x and 4 days left to the real deal...
Need to practice to manage my time .... but what i did i locked in my room and start to ask my self and repeat as I am the SP and doctor ... Crazy , it worked some how with the questions and check list ,,, but it was hard bcz you know what to answer ... so i called a friend of mine and he accepted to give me 2 hours from his time for 2 days, he helped me in doing some big neuro cases and others ...all these time i was also practicing on writing PN and Hx... watched some youtube videos... last 2 days i did physical exam on myself and on big toy ..
I felt really anxious before the exam ... due to that and because of the $2000 in case i fail
But on the Exam day , i prayed and focused a lot on the time and questioning .
The most important in physical exam ( auscultation lung and heart for all patients). tried to be nice and coherent.. show the patient that you know what you are doing,don't hesitate to do X PE even if you are not confident about it .. just do it
I got my Result later PASS 2 are in the high performance and mid to high for SEP (english ) cz i'm an IMG.
Secret :
Be fast, Test center, Book chosen,... Partners if possible, fast typing.. YOU
-Test center Georgia ( i think it matters what test center you pick)
Best luck for you too...
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