My Step 3 experience

12/30/2016 6:53:34 PM
Hi all,
I just finished my second day of Step 3.. phew!!! I think many of the posts stating that they felt the second day was easier made me underestimate and study less for FIP. The first day seemed kind of difficult - I barely completed the blocks on time and couldnt answer a last question on two blocks. Still I had the feeling I would pass. But today, FIP felt so hard and there were so many qx that I just guessed or had no idea that I thought I was definitely going to fail. Did I miss something studying for that part of the exam? I dont know.
CCS boosted my confidence though. All cases were the most typical, from among those you would most expect, where you can instantly recognize what the patient has. No strings attached. If you practice on the software, you can ace it and complete them really ahead of time.

Oh and one more note about the first day: the statistics qx were not as much as I expected. There were around 2-3 per block..

1/15/2017 9:14:54 AM


can you kindly mention how you distributed your break time on day 1 and day 2

can't find a good resource or review on managing break time for the exam.


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