I need a verdict for my ccs cases from this forum

2/6/2017 7:07:07 PM
hi again,

out of my 13 ccs cases the following is what happened:

8 cases improved, for sure ....patient felt better. management was correct.

2 cases ... when i scheduled for surgery, case ended ????
software said patient scheduled for surgery and then finished before time immediately, although i still had time left. ???
I diagnosed correctly and did the right management for sure ... i checked in the book

1 case my initial ER management did not improve, i lingered on a little long, then added surgery, patient sheduled but time ended. so patient did not improve.

1 case did right management everything but patients pain was not improving.

1 case, pediatrics, did not improve at all....


8 --> improved

2 --> software finished before time (when correct surgery scheduled)'

1 --> scheduled but time finished before improvement.

1 --> correct management but no improv. in pain. ... checked treatment that i gave , it is correct.

1 --> screwed the peds, now i know the med i should have given. didn't come to mind in stress.


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