Passed step 3 in residency - tips

5/20/2017 7:23:52 PM
Hi guys, almost finishing my 2nd year of residency - IM. A FMG, born, raised and did medical education in India.
Writing this post as I am extremely happy and done with this journey.

Some helpful tips for people giving step 3 in residency based on my experience

This may apply to people who are in IM residency

1) 1 week of dedicated study(ambulatory block) and ~ 2 months of study with heavy rotations(floors, ICU and step down unit -2-3 hour/day) is enough for step 3

2) I finished 91% UW with aggregate ~74%, did not touch MTB but I had notes for step 2ck from mtb which i read in 2 hours a day before my day 1 exam. Did not give UWSA/NBME. My goal was to pass as I do not care about score.
3) I thought I would fail my exam gave it back to back on Friday and Monday in late April in a ****ty center in queens, ny - felt because I missed ~7 questions/block(7x6 -42 q on my day1). I went to my chief residents and really almost cried.

4) Scared as my GMC(annual medical lecture by 2nd-year resident - one of the most imp thing in my residency) was on April 7 6 days before step 3 day 1.

4) Waited for the result - got 236. Could not be happy.

5) Bottom line - if you know medicine and you manage cases by yourself, you have seen enough to pass, you do not need to read MTB or finish uworld. This depends whether you practice evidence-based medicine or not
I do not think so this applies to people who are FMG who just finished medicine. So please read carefully

6) Last but not the least, the trick which they have posted in uw forums to know your result 1 day before exam does works(based on my experience)

7) Next step board of internal medicine and fellowship. Always, thank you god, family and friends

5/31/2017 5:37:43 PM
Hi Varu
What is the trick to know your exam result 1 day before ?
What extra step you took to prepare CCS , Archer or anything .
Your help and answer will matter

6/2/2017 1:35:43 AM
There is no trick - you just no I guess pass or fail - I am not even sure that is true. I read it in student doctor network, so Tuesday evening(results come on wednesday - generally), your option to apply for Step 3 disappear in FSMB website, so you know you pass - I guess - It worked for me, search google SDN for trick, I read this somewhere in usmleforum.

I did not do anything for step 3 CCS other than uworld - I had 3 days off, I finished by Step 3 CCS in those 3 days.

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