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7/22/2017 10:59:53 AM
My text is on July 25, 2017. Using Uworld, I did terrible at my first attempt, then, I have been doing well, 60, 70, 80, some, very little 50-40's. However, all of these questions are repeated, although I did not remember all theses questions. My concern is if I really improved, and if my chance to pass increased. I am waiting for any suggestion or advise you have for me. You also can text me at (860) 921-2769.

7/27/2017 2:06:02 AM
I think it is about time for me to share my experience on Step 3, since these forum made me feel comfortable or actually more anxious, but either way helped me through the agonizing experience of reviewing and taking the step 3.
My demographics: 32 yo male, IMG from Philippines (grade May 2008), residency urology 6 yrs in Philippines (Jan 2009-Dec 2014), post-fellowship on Peds Urology -two years in Toronto Canada (July 2015-June 2017).
Took USMLE June 23rd and 26th 2017 at Detroit, MI

It is not my purpose to boast/brag about my capability, but to encourage and give hope to people with similar situation to mine.
Took USMLE step 1 in 2008 Oct after four month intensive full time study score 235 97 passed
Took USMLE step 2 CK in 2012 Jan after 2 month part time study (while on residency) Score 222 80 passed
Took USMLE step 2 CS in 2013 Jan after 2 weeks part time study (while on senior yr residency) Passed
Took USMLE step 3 in 2017 June after 1 week part time, 4days fulltime study (while on Fellowship) score 203 passed

Preparation for step 3 only used USMLE world QA for one week, finishing all the questions, then CCS in the two day gap of test day.
USMLE world QA average 55%
USMLE world Self Assessment 180 (this scared me a lot and took the self assessment 4 days prior to day1 exam- studied the USMLE step 3 first aid and finished the book in three days full time reading (part time is 3-5 hrs per day study, usually after clinic/ OR 5pm to 12midnight; full time is 16hr study 7am to 12mn study)
reassessed with NBME form 4 got 223 approx (made me feel better and ready to take the exam)- most question style are actually similar to NBME forms not the USMLE SA.
Took exam day 1 felt very bad (but apparently the score from that day is actually better)
two days interval to day 2 exam, reviewed the advance medical knowledge part of the USMLE world QA, particularly the prior incorrect items repeatedly until got the percent correct increased to 60%, then trialed the CCS for all cases of USMLE world, then repeated on the last day 13 random cases, also studied the First aid CCS part.
Took the day 2 exam, felt better (yet this part I got a lower short what you feel does not correlate with number item correct).

Anyway, finally, this greatest experiment of myself is over, (taking the exam in less than two week study for step 3) and this experience made me realized that in 10 years gap, a lot of the medical information had change, you will know how medical field really advances, what I used to know when I fresh graduated medical school had changed almost completely; although the basic principles stays the same. The advanced medical knowledge have updated a lot, which I got lower score obviously. This exam study experience also gave me an opportunity to update myself.

Good luck to all exam candidate, wish you all the best, you can do it too!
Best regards,

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