75 and done!

11/20/2017 10:32:54 AM
for those of you out there like me who fret and worry about everything this post is for you.
here is what i did:
i signed up for uwould on oct 18. i did an average of 120 questions a day. i read all the rationales ,even why the other answers were wrong and trying to understand what information they were meaning to give over in the integrated process. after 3000 queestions , mind you the question bank is 1900 questions , i tested myself on all the ones i got wrong , untill i mastered them. i flagged about 250 questions that held really great information or a question type that i was uncomfortable with and reviewed them multiple times till i master it. i took my first assesment exam on the 10th of november, i timed out and it put my on the pass line . i went back at it and worked on mastering my timing now and got that down to under 80 seconds a question. took the second assesment exam on the 14th of november and got high probibility of passing . bit the bullet and took the exam on november 16 . IT SHUT OFF AT 75 QUESTIONS!!!!!! 1 hour and 40 min in !!!! I FREAKED OUT . I REMEMBER THINKING i didnt do that bad?!?! and..... im not that good....long story short.......
I got my quick results 48hrs later and i am proud to let everyone know , I PASSED!!!!!!

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