Finished Step 1

3/6/2018 3:46:37 PM
Good Evening everyone
I appeared for Step 1 last week but I am having so much stress and anxiety about my performance and I cannot sleep for last four days. I am trying not to think about the questions but I am still having disturbing thoughts about so many questions again and again. I need help from the students who appeared for their exams and how they handled this situation until they received their scores.
I really don't know how I will manage two more weeks. I can't start my preparation for Step 2Ck. I don't know maybe I should consult a psychiatrist or what.
I know there are some students out there who can advice me in this situation.
Abdul Malik Khogar

3/12/2018 5:27:39 AM
i had the same issue .. and what i did is that i travel to somewhere near to see natural stuff and see the world is not only steps ... we studying for long time that we forget about life/death , but when my result got delayed also affect me ... so after i got it .. i still slow rhythm studying form 2 months after step1 ...

either you travel or you strat CK ASAP ... so you don't loss info !

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