Online Tutor- $10/hr

5/27/2018 11:54:28 AM
Dear Fellow- I am offering an online (skype- shared screen mode) tutor for step 2CK for only $10/hr.
I would like to share my studying strategies, mnemonics and basically all I did for my ECFMG certification with anyone who is interested in having a tutor.

This is how our step 2 ck course will be done:

- Reviewing Qbank questions on topics that you choose (or may be weak at)
- Reviewing useful references like : kaplan notes, MTB, etc.
- Reviewing the important details (Medical images and scans, diagrams, etc.)
- Sharing useful mnemonics
- Sharing relevant details from step 1 (as you will get step1-type Qs in your exams)

I am currently available in the evenings only and/or very early in the morning (like 6-7 am Eastern Time). But Will be happy to share my experience with you as much as I can.

Should you be interested in having a tutor, Please email me at [email protected] or skype me at er.zarmar2014 and let me know what topic(s) you would like to review or practice Qs on.

Best of luck for your residency goals,

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