nbme 320. exam is 2 weeks. please help

7/26/2018 2:23:08 PM
Hi guys..

I need seirous help

how do i boost my score..
i took uwsa2 i got 200 yesterday
took nbme 4 today got 320..


8/29/2018 5:50:11 PM
Based on what I read nbme is very unreliable. The most predictive is UWSA and still not quiet there.
In general, If you score >200 in uwsa and scoring borderline * on CCS you should pass.
The difference between scoring 200 vs 230 is how good you do CCS.
What to know % on UW qbank? 60% + borderline CCS is passing score.
How to get border line CCS? Study uworld ccs cases twice. Want to improve that? Go over ccs cases trice.
My study advice: Rock your CCS and you will be fine.

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