Step 2 CK Study Resources and Schedule

7/27/2018 1:37:10 PM
Hi everyone,

I REALLY REALLY need help on this, I have many doubts about resources that I should use for step 2 CK prep.

I am a non-US IMG got a very low score in step 1 which is 203. I actually have been very desperate on this usmle exam and already thought to stop having a dream in becoming doctor in the US. BUT many have told me that I can still go on to step 2 CK and do many observership program.

Anyway, I am going to take KAPLAN step 2 CK course in the US specifically in the Manhattan this SEPT.

I know Kaplan may not be the best source. What I know for now is UWORLD is definitely the golden standard. But it become very confusing when it comes to textbook. I want to know which one should I buy between step up to med or step up to USMLE step 2 CK or MTB 2 or MTB 3?

Definitely I will also use OME videos.

Thank you so much,

8/2/2018 6:25:15 PM
step number 1 Get UWorld out of the way.
Master it cover to cover. If you can get a study partner and solve uworld together subject wise on your first pass,have in depth discussions while solving questions eg. after reading a question summarize the pt presentation in a line or two then go over the options and think why not this answer and why that answer then read explanations and pinpoint important informatiom that would be the best way to do your first pass and will help you retain information. Then for your second pass again either with a partner or alone but quicker. Then do whatever you want regarding videos or books etc but dont waste time and start UWorld first. Might take an entire day to solve 1 block with indepth discussions though (eg 7 hours!)

8/8/2018 4:59:13 PM
What about ifom cse?

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