PASSED CS IN Philly what I used

8/18/2018 4:25:36 PM
I am very happy I got my passing test results in Philadelphia, I got high performance on the CS on my second attempt. I was one of the few IMG there, and I was pretty nervous before I opened my score report on Wednesday, with the grace of god I passed, and I am very thankful to all of my study partners that helped me, I had failed the step 2 cs on my first attempt without using any help, I just read First aid and my friends told me it was easy, and I was shocked to fail the ICE the first time, I went online and I found UW and GoldUSMLE CS review.
The Goldusmle helped me realize what I was doing wrong in the physicals and the patient note, and I was able to adjust my mistakes before taking the exam again. I am very thankful to their hard work, they spend about 13-15 hours per day with the students and they are totally dedicated to just the step 2 CS exam. Their facility consists of 20 medical exam rooms with all the equipment just like the real exam and their setup is one of the best. I strongly recommend them to anyone looking to pass on their first attempt. I wish I had found them before I took my exam the first time.
I got my passing result on Wednesday and Took my exam June 27 in Philadelphia

8/23/2018 3:21:26 AM
how many months,do you think is needed to prepare for CS?.

8/24/2018 2:50:34 PM
Which city is GoldUSMLE CS review in?

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