How long will UWorld keep adding new questions?

11/2/2018 2:49:18 AM
So my exam is soon and I was basically done with UWorld (have about 400 incorrect/marked qs left to do), but for over a month, I've noticed UW has been adding new qs. Usually its about 5-10qs per week, but this week so far they've added 17qs already. The total no. of qs tends not to fluctuate that much since I think they're also removing questions. Its easy for me to pick new added questions since I'm done with the qbank and have no new questions left. But most days of the week, there will be anywhere from 1-6 new questions.

This has put me in a bit of a dilemma. I initially wanted to let my UWorld subscription expire once I was done with my marked qs. But now I've extended it a bit for the new questions. However, I have no idea how long this will go on. I've been keeping a rough count and I think its already in the range of 120+ new questions added. Any idea how long this will go on? Shall I extend my subscription to the day of my exam so I don't miss out on anything?

The best would be if I could know how much longer this process will last. It will not only allow me to extend my subscription appropriately, but also allow me to set aside an adequate amount of time to study all this stuff.


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