1/16/2019 12:18:49 AM
Passed step3!
UWorld 53%(1st time) 71%(2nd time)
UWSA1 194
UWSA2 194
real score 204

I'm very old IMG. I may not work in United States due to private reasons,,,, however, I feel I've completed!
Good luck young hopeful Doctors!!

1/16/2019 5:46:10 PM
Can u tell some detail what material u studied pls

1/16/2019 6:24:58 PM
FARA34128340 wrote:
Can u tell some detail what material u studied pls

Sorry. I have to add some.
First I took step2 ck 12years ago. Before beginning UWorld, I read through MTB once. I read almost all explanation by 2nd round. To tell the truth, I actually did 3rd round(app 84-85%?) and read only part of wrong answers. This time I felt I remember questions,,. For CCS, I did it 4 times. I could not open the sample materials which are provided by USMLE site. However, I did not have much difficulty in doing real exam. And I scored high as a result. Only the part that you let Pts go home after 5pm was different(I think in UW, they don't ask you whether you let Pt go home. I'm sorry if I'm wrong.).
In the final score, all item were "same"(there're low/same/high) besides CCS(high) and "Bhv Health & Soc Sci: Comm Skills/Ethics/Pt safety"(low). The part of CCS may be important.
I assume I'm not good at english, so it was so tough to read all questions. But after reading 3 times, I relatively used to it, and I could finish all questions. Anyway, it maybe easy for AMG and IMG who are good at english, for me, it was really tough.

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