2/2/2019 12:46:49 AM
SO STRESSED OUT ABOUT OPENING MY SCORE finally did I passed! 5 programs were waiting for my score and thank god I passed my CS exam as this is the final step of my USMLE journey, I scored high on my CK and step I and this was the final piece of my certification. I am so happy this is over with. I took leave of absence to undergo chemotherapy in between my steps and my cancer went into remission before I prepared for the CS, I got 5 interviews despite this and they are all waiting for the CS score. When I took my exam in atlanta Nov 7,2018 it was mostly AMG there with only 3 IMG.
I used UW cases, Goldusmle review classes and First aid were very helpful I give credit to the study partners i used on this forum and i took my exam in Atlanta CS center Nov 7 2018 and got my results this week and in the test center the patients were very happy with me, they were smiling and nodding as i was giving them my responses. I regained my confidence with the strong review class, did almost 14 hours of review each day with them, never felt tired and we covered a large amount of material and I owe them my thanks. They were very happy with my physical exam and closure and thanked me in the closure. I finished all 12 cases in time within 13-14 mins as most of the pmhx was negative, finished all PN within 9 mins timing is everything in the center, i practiced 8 hours each day and developed my routine in the goldusmle class. I highly recommend the class to everyone looking to pass they helped me through my tough time and I forever greatful to them. All of my friends that were IMG passed in atlanta so i am also proud of them.

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