Good review resource alongside with Uworld?

6/21/2019 12:32:35 AM
I'm looking for a good comphrensive review resource besides FA and Uworld. Has anyone here used Amboss alongside Uworld? I'm going through Uworld now but find that its hard to look up specific Uworld questions and the info with the topic. My friend suggested I use Amboss as a side Qbank and for its library base of topics to help review. He said this helped him raise his score by 20 points. Anyone else have any experience on this?

He gave me a free code for 2 weeks if anyone wants to try it out.


6/21/2019 11:16:36 AM
Try Boards and Beyond. Review B&B, then FA, then Uworld

8/19/2019 6:56:51 PM
“If You Do Not Pass…You Don’t Pay…”
(“Online: Anywhere;Anytime…”) Sms 5163427303 ; enycity at gmail
Dear USMLE Applicant:
With a strong, 17-year- ethical&excellent-esthetic background in being a superb medical licensing exam teacher (BBB: “A rated”), as well as excellent experiences both inside and outside the medical licensing examination-based setting, I am excited to offer this unique guaranteed program, ( see details in Appendix):
Upon reviewing, and experiencing the wide and vast variety of “cases,” that come to us from all seven continents, and having spent 3 years, researching all about the unique needs & circumstances of IMGs (details in ‘Prong 1’ ) your area, I was immediately attracted to the fact that IMGs are brilliant, hard-working, and all-in-all superb-clinicians (“case-taking,” and”- presenting”). They merely need the “direction,” and the correct content, with a bit of a structured schedule, and “off they go…to limitless heights…” The above, notwithstanding, I cannot take any more questions at this forum; I strongly exhort you to contact us directly for an appointment. “No Case is Too Difficult…” Our outcomes are Self-Evident in that regard, & verified by our Warranty…
USMLE Academy | Online
Project: Aimed to help International Medical Graduate (IMG)-students achieve, through a systematic online course, a successful passage of their respective United States Medical Licensing Examination
Prong 1
• Overview
o This “course-research and development-”-prong, aimed to develop a “General Educational System,” for U.S.M.L.E. preparation, for all student clients.
o Formulated as a primary qualitative study design.
o Conducted over a three-year period.
o Employed a “teaching strategy- “focus that would help the client to systematically learn the content in a proficient manner.
o Data or information sources for this project, generally were derived from online published studies, as well as questionnaires submitted to clients, for a preliminary three-year period.
• Methodology, per se
• Outcomes, per se
 “textbook.”
 standardized study- schedule.
 A question-bank
Prong 2
• Overview
o This “client-relationship management-” periodic, and valid assessment of a client’s outcomes.
o Formulated, more specifically, this “Specific System for Client Relationship Management,” in a manner that is intended to correlate directly to the client’s ongoing, “real-time-,” General Educational System Areas’-based-outcomes
• Methodology, per se
o Administered to then-current clients, and through trial-and-error, created the final version.
• Outcomes, per se
o Created an interactive system to manage “issues,” related to:
 The textbook
 The standardized study- schedule.
 The question-bank
 Created, as the prong’s definitive outcome, a system that allows for the analysis of the General Educational System-Areas’-outcomes, on an ongoing basis, as well as for the development of relevant ‘insights,’ as to exact area in which a client’s issues lie. So as to correlate to said ‘insights,’ created problem-solving frameworks, as relevant to remedying customer’s specific problems in any of the General Educational System Areas. Finally, designed initiative support-systems that correlate to the implementation of the specific problem-solving frameworks.
Overall Outcomes
• Regarding the outcomes, per se
o Reviewed by, on average, eight matriculating students per year, since program’s inception in 2001, with data in place since the complete program was developed in 2004, examinees
 Achieved, overall, throughout this duration, an improvement of a mean-IMG- client’s examination-passage rate, from 38 to 98 percent.

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