Step 2 CK Tutoring

7/15/2019 9:33:28 PM
Will begin online group tutoring for Step 2 CK soon.
Limited spots available.
Affordable and flexible prices ($12.50/hr)
Visit my website for more details!

8/13/2019 12:13:54 PM
“If You Do Not Pass…You Do Not Pay…”

Long Island, New York 11801-2111 (“Online: Anywhere…Anytime…”)
Sms 5163427303 ; enycity at gmail


Usmle fora 8/13/2019 11:58 AM

Dear USMLE Applicant:

Subject: “If You Do Not Pass…You Do Not Pay…”

With a strong, 17-year- ethical/excellent-esthetic background in being a superb medical licensing exam teacher (Better Business Bureau-A rated), as well as excellent experiences both inside and outside the medical licensing examination-based setting, I am excited to offer this unique guaranteed program, detailed in the Appendix:

Upon reviewing, and experiencing the wide and vast variety of “cases,” that come to us from all seven continents, and having spent 3 years in researching all about the unique needs and circumstances of IMGs (see details on this research in ‘Prong 1’ below) your area, I was immediately attracted to the fact that IMGs are brilliant, hard-working, and all-in-all superb- clinicians (“case-taking,” and”- presenting”). They merely needed the “direction,” and the correct content, with a bit of structured schedule, and off they go…to “limitless heights…” The above, notwithstanding, I cannot take any more questions at this forum…and strongly exhort you to contact us directly for an appointment. “ No Case is Too Difficult…” Our outcomes are self-evident in that regard…further verified by our warranty…



USMLE Academy | Online
Long Island, New York
Project: Aimed to help International Medical Graduate (IMG)-students achieve, through a systematic online course, a successful passage of their respective United States Medical Licensing Examination (U.S.M.L.E.; a “three-step—"examination process, with each ‘step,’ being held at a different stage of medical education, as part of the overall process of obtaining United States’ medical licensure). This project employed two “prongs”, with the overall goal of increasing the probability of passage of the latter by an average matriculating student, from a pre-course probability of approximately 38%, to above 90%.

Overall Outcomes
• Regarding the outcomes, per se
o Reviewed by, on average, eight matriculating students per year, since program’s inception in 2001, with data in place since the complete program was developed in 2004, examinees that partook in:
 U.S.M.L.E, step 1
 U.S.M.L.E, step 2-Clinical Knowledge
 U.S.M.L.E., step 3

 Achieved, overall, throughout this duration, an improvement of a mean-IMG- client’s examination-passage rate, from 38 to 98 percent.


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