seems like an american idol contest...

3/10/2011 1:24:03 PM
guys im an IMG, old grad, ECFMG certified (220/206/passed), finished IM abroad, will take step3 this year, participate in next year's match... from your experience, can i get in a neurology or EM or IM program with these stats? it sure feels like a big competition huh (like an american idol contest)... hope i get in...
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3/11/2011 3:58:28 AM
Having done IM abroad can mean a lot if you can emphasize that in your CV POWERFULLY.
Scores are good enough to enter into match with bright hope.
If you planning to match next year-
you have ample amount of time to find and add research experience to your resume.

You will definately get your choice- Neurology if you Strive for it.

Best of luck.

11/27/2011 7:53:14 PM
Hello, it appears you have already passed usmle step 1,2 and clinical skills exam. if you have not yet found a residency position then perhaps you could try one month of externship, to get local references. if you have some idea of the state where you want to work then try finding a residency training program where there are also externships offered [in IM/ EM/ neurology] and do a brief externship while waiting for the match. Best time to do externship is november/dec/jan. Good luck

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