cumulative performance vs exam score

4/3/2009 8:27:57 PM
Hi there,

I have a question: is there any correlation between cumulative performance in UW and a passing score in the actual exam?

In other words, do you suggest to have a certain score in UW before taking the actual step 3?


4/5/2009 4:59:15 PM
Hi Natgo_77. Im wondering abt the same. Im waiting for my Step 3 results these days and if there is any correlation between cumulative UW score and actual exam score then Im doomed bec my %age was pathetic as compared to what I had in Step 1&2. But then I didnt spend too much time on improving that either bec I didnt have time to do it nor had energy or enthusiasm. So lets see what kinda result I get and will let you know.

You can read previous posts abt Step 3 experience and people have scored 55-65% and have passed but what I have noticed there wasnt a correlation between two digit and three digit scores. I find it variable. Some have same two digit score but different three digit scores. I guess the CCS has some bearing on two digit score and thee digit score is just for MCQs. If you have any info regarding this discrepancy, do let me know. or maybe its just my imagination.

All the best for the exam.
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4/5/2009 7:50:03 PM
Thank you so much Niq!! I will appreciate any information you can give me. Yes, I really don't have the time, energy or enthusiasm to ace this test, I will be happy with passing it and fulfilling this requisite. There is already a lot that we have to worry about!!
Please, do let me know once you receive your score, it will be very helpful to guide my studying strategy.

Best wishes, hope you receive a great score!!

5/1/2009 4:05:36 PM

I have friends that just took the exam and they finished the UW w/60% and got most of them mid 80's. I need to take this ASAP, but i have already done 20 blocks and I'm @ 50%, I'm taking my step 3 in 2 wkss
any ideas as for help
and by the way I'm in OBGYN residency at the moment (2nd year) and have completely forgoten all this material at the most, since i took my step 2ck in Oct/06 with little if any time to study for this, so pleaseeeeee help

6/10/2009 11:34:12 AM
UWorld 51% - mixed questions, unsued, timed (only completed 88% of questions)

NBME 350 = 176

CCS only 20-30 cases

Step 3 - 196 - 80%
First time

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