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5/7/2011 6:43:28 PM
I have a question regarding CCS it might be a silly one but I am confuse regarding "Where, When and how should I schedule follow up visit of patient before the 5 mins pop up window come?" I am able to schedule 2nd visit for the patient but when patient come on appointment day on visit 2 and feeling well, I am not able to schedule Him/Her for next visit like month later for cases like CHF, COPD, CAD, Major depression, bipolar etc... actually I don't know at what exact place I should schedule next visit before the 5 min remaining window pop up. Once this window pop up we cant schedule next appointment right? or is there still any way to do it after 5 min remaining window pop up on screen?

Thank you,

5/11/2011 2:03:07 PM
I think if your patient is doing good....
that is the correct way in whcih the case will proceed.

I dont think there is any way to schedule appointment in last 5 min.
but dont bother about that as long as you get message tha patient is feeling better.

After intial management..when u hav to schedule as per need of case/ in real world...

dont think rest..

5/12/2011 11:11:26 PM
thank you for answer. I have one more question....can we order prednisolone TAPPERING or gradual decreaseing the dose? or when we need to stop prednisolone/steroid we can directly stop? is it a bad thing we directly stop steroid without tapper on CCS like in real world?

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