I need someone's opinion! please please please!!

5/8/2011 11:33:40 AM
Hi! I am getting ready for my step 3! and... I am not sure what to expect. My exam is on May 16th and may 17th.

What have I done so far?
kaplan qbank: average 67% (100% done)
UW qbank: average first time 66%. I have done some wrong questions blocks and my average is now 72%
Kaplan qbook: I have taken like 10 tests and I have been between 72 and 80%
Took nbme last week and I got 430
US SA just now: Score? 620 (246)
Yesterday I took USMLE free practice blocks and I got 71, 68, 60, 80

I have already done all the cases of ccs of uworld and I am repeating them again.
I am half way reading mtb.

My question is.... Which score should I trust? I have read that UW over estimate and NBME under estimate... and for some other people both tests give them the exact same score... but it was not my case.... and there is huuuuge gap between both of them!


5/10/2011 3:04:54 AM
I would go ahead and take the exam now, your performance on prep tests look extremely strong, and definately your score will be in the 90s. There is not so much difference between usmleword qbank and real exam except that the real exm is much easier than the qbank

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