Step 2 or step 1 first??

6/15/2011 1:22:28 AM
new to forum....
I'm doing step 2 in a month or so
doin step 2 before step 1 if you're a graduate.... Big mistake or not???

6/18/2011 12:39:49 PM
Hey there,

Welcome to the struggle!
According to me, it hardly matters which one you take first.
I took step 1 first n then took the step 2, although ANY ONE before the other one helps during the prep only, esp reduces the anxiety level during the second one, it hardly matters since the real test questions in one step are independent of the other step knowledge i.e. there is no need to have an extremely solid knowledge of basic sciences to attempt the CK and vice versa!

I hope u got my point! Just do your step 2 ck with a clear mind! Dont think that if u had done step 1 things would be easier n so on!
There are many people who dont take the steps in a sequence. e.g. people even take Step 2 CS first n then proceed to the step 1 n step 2 ck n they pass n score well too... so dont worry
just focus on wat u r doing n be consistent in ur prep!
work hard n u ll do it
Good luck !

6/18/2011 6:27:30 PM
i prefer step2 first for the graduates as the clinical information still fresh

and if you take step2 only it will be beneficial but taking step1 one only

will not be beneficial

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