Please advice and how to go forward

6/23/2011 6:03:51 PM
I'm studying for CK and i have read Kaplan - Internal medicine only; and then i have started doing UW questions; i'm done with 500 questions of internal medicine so far and reviewing First Aid along the way but i'm disappointed with First Aid to say the least (i would swear by First Aid for Step I and thought it would be the same for CK as well).
So my question is:

In addition to UW questions,
1. Should i still keep on with first aid as my reviewing book or should i buy MTB and continue with that.
2. What to use for Peds, Gyn/Obs and Surgery as a reading material - Do i need to read Kaplan or only do UW questions; and what to use as a review book for these subjects?

Thank You
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6/24/2011 8:04:39 PM

Thank you so much for the advice; do you mean to say MTB Step 2 CK or Step 3. If you mean for step 3, how is it different/better than MTB for CK. I'm going to go ahead and buy it and that is why i wanted to confirm with you first.

Thanks a lot and good luck with your studies.

6/25/2011 4:38:01 PM
Thank you so much;
I'll go ahead with MTB 3 ....

Good luck with your studies; and yes, lets keep in touch

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