exam in 4 days

6/26/2011 11:59:13 AM
I have exam in 4 days.Did nbme3 4 days ago & only scored 350.Did Fa Q & A for step 2 ck yesterday .Did 2 blocks & only scored 32/46 & 30/46 in both.Really confused about whether to push & give exam or postpone & do everything thoroughly & then give exam in 2 wks time.Pl. guide me.

6/28/2011 12:01:11 PM
It will depend on how much will you be able to dedicate yourself to studying the next 2 weeks.Is it full time? Also, what is your goal? Stellar score or just passing( I never advice to aim at just passing, it is not safe). I would do simulated days of 8 blocks, like the real exam, reviewing the questions the day(s) after and using the performance analysis to focus on re-reading the subjects that you are not strong, trying to bring everything to the same performance level. I think this will increase your scores. I would give a month, instead of 2 weeks, if you have it available.Also, focus on adjusting your sleeping time these last weeks/days , defend your 6- 8 h of sleep with your life(whatever time is enough for you to feel rested and comfortable to focus on the next long day of doing questions- you need to process information= REM sleep). Whatever is the time you schedule the exam, make sure it is the time of the day that you have trained your body/brain to focus their best. Eat healthy, light meals during the block breaks( as in the real exam). Pretend that everyday you're doing questions, is the real exam day. This will calm you down. And in my personal experience, pray a lot, that God may bring you peace and confidence that you may seat for the exam feeling victorious already, for having the courage to go so far. I know it pays off to look back and see you did them all ( Thank you, Jesus).
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