Anybody there waiting results for the next week?

6/29/2011 10:11:38 PM
Hey guys. Is there anybody out there waiting for the results the next week? I have never been so stressed about an exam result as I am now. I did not feel well about my performance on the second day (nothing special about the first day). I had an UW accumulated performance of +/ - 62% (the first time)and reached about 67%(over the 2nd time). I read FA for step 3, saw Kaplan peds videos(nothing special, I don't know if I recommend them. If you have time and patience, suuure), read a little bit of master the boards( ridiculously weak for surgery, in my opinion)read a little bit of different books in different subjects(don't remember all of them). My UWSA was 233/570. On the real exam day I was feeling so tired and as the day progressed, I was having more and more questions left for the last 5 min. I guess on the last block, I had about 10 (the last question I did not even read, just marked). I don't think I "killed" any patient on ccs, but I forgot stupid things like the name of the correct atb (that's how tired I was). It's really in God's hands now, but I thought it was the hardest of the USMLEs for me. Studied in about 40 days, with many disturbances. Did UW CCS , only about 40-42 cases. As for now, I am chewing my nails and wondering why, oh why do they make us wait so long for those results? Thank God are only 4 exams: my coronaries could not take much more

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