Best review material for CK?

7/14/2011 6:29:10 PM
Anyone who's done with CK or still studying for CK; know of the best review/study material for CK?

7/23/2011 10:09:54 PM
LiTi17975962 wrote:
Anyone who's done with CK or still studying for CK; know of the best review/study material for CK?


Pepe is right. Yale-G's Refined Clinical Review is a very good book for step 2ck. Am using it right now for my step 2ck study and am loving it.
Also it has a lot of high yeild questions at the end of each chapter which will challenge your brain to recollect what you read.

You can also review Kaplan notes for CK too.
Either of the two (Kaplan and Yale-G's) or both is very good for step 2ck study.


4/6/2013 8:24:46 PM
fadipalestine wrote:
Mtb2/3 and u world (kaplan lecture notes just read them one time) my exam was march 28 and no thing you need more than these books.yale-g makes you sleep.

i will start this week to study for step 2 ck .
i choose kaplan notes as my resources .
mtb 2 as my main review book .
mtb 3 as main review for ped + obs\gyn .
uworld qbank my main qbank .
kaplan qbank is also good one for step 2ck

5/17/2013 5:21:54 PM
i agree with this from

Re:yale gong
salehmd - 05/11/13 14:37

salehmd - 05/10/13 12:55

yah i actually have it i love it because honestly its all of kaplan lecture notes combined into a 500 page book. so i addded anything missing from kaplan into it and there you have it all of kaplan lecture notes into a mini book! i dont like mtb i seriously DO NOT understand how it will make you pass the test i feel like it lacks a lot of info. i also purchased imed internal medicine he has amazing flow charts in his book. but as far as yale, thumbs up

also if you look at the step 2 ck pdf with the questions on uslme website it tells you what they test exactly and all those subjects and headings are in yale as well and kaplan so honestly how could you go wrong. i do admit YES there are a few mistakes in the book be careful and correct. Also every time you read a heading google pics foe example diffuse esoph spasm or achalasia i woulld google them and draw them very small on the side and differentiate them. BEST BEST BEST part is this book is also written for step 2 cs so it gives you a list of differentials so what i do is take note cards and differentiate everything so i know what to look for in the answer as i compare everything by age risk factors etc.

5/29/2013 1:03:38 PM
IS DIT ANY GOOD FOR CK? some use it for part 1,but what do you guys think of DIT for CK?

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