Help with important topics ,10 days to exam

8/18/2011 4:19:19 AM
Hello All,

I have a few questions. Can you please help.

1)What is the best initial test for PE ? Is it V/Q scan or CT. What is the choice for the pregnant woman ?

2)A neonate is born with ambiguous genetilia. The clitoris is enlarged, there is single perineal opening anteriorr to the anus, and no masses are palpable in the labioscrotal pouches or the inguinal canal.
Is this 21-Hydrozylase deficiency or True hemophroditism

3)A 10-month old floppy infant was brought with no hair or teeth. The mother says that he can not tolerate heat and that he always has thin hair and still has some baby teeth. Is this osteogenesis imperfecta ?

4)A man comes with symptoms of norma pressure hydrocephalus-gait disturbance, urinary incontinence and ataxia. What is the pathophysiology of urinary incontinence ?
Is it Bladder neck dyssynergia or failure to inhibit the voiding reflex ? (I know parasympathetic fibures are affected)

Thanks for your help
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