Really need your support

8/19/2011 6:41:07 AM
I'm scheduling to take my ck exam in 2 months and a half.I scored 72%on uworld first time ,88% second time,234 on uworld self assessement.i would like to reschedule my exam to mid or the end of september.What would u advice me?I would like to do better than i did on step 1(96) cause i've read that in order to get a chance to residency you should do better than you did the first time.What do you think of that?

8/19/2011 12:06:06 PM
you just need to score in the 90's.
I don't know where did you read the information about scoring more than the previous exam, but sound like a bull****.

anyway step 2 is easier that step1, so keep studying and you will do great.

good luck

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