Result-much better than expected-99/227

9/29/2011 7:20:01 PM
I was not sure how I did my exam,as during my last crucial days I was looking for mortagae brokers for buying a house. I was not sure about the last 3 blocks. I took break after first 4 blocks I planned to take break after next 2 blocks but somehow I thought I will be able to do the next block too but that was my very foolish decision. The questions throughout were so long that mind was not able to concentrate. So my advice to everyone do take BREAKS.
During my practice questions, I always had sufficient time to finish my block but in the exam I was just barely able to finish up all the questions. Also many questions were like that you can't just read first line and then go to last line and have an idea about the question. So make sure you read all the questions completely.
All the subjects were asked almost equally(though off course Medicine the most), so you should not think that you can leave any subject or take it lightly.
When I did UW, my score was about 50%
practice assessment of UW predicted about 200 score. But I was relieved to see 99/227. My Step 1 is 97/226 and passed Step 2 CS in first attempt.
Now comes th ereal challenge of applying for residency position a si am an IMG and an old graduate. All upto GOD again to help me in that too.

9/29/2011 7:22:52 PM
About the drug and research questions-I always left them at the end, so I could spend all my remaining time on them. There were 3 blocks of such type of questions.

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