253/99: No hard and fast rule!!

9/30/2011 11:31:20 AM
Hi all,
I got a lot of information from this forum on preparations others took for their exams. So it is only honourable I do the same.

Prepared for about 5 non-continuous months. Was either going to school full time + working part-time OR working full time so I had about 2 hours daily weekdays and 6 to 8 hours over the weekends.

Read Kaplan notes first which took about 3 months. Very good materials I must say.
Then read first aid once which I didn't find really useful. Dropped it after then. Took about 3 weeks
I used UWORLD for 6 weeks (very useful resource). Did about 95% of the questions just once. My average score was about 76-78% (can't remember for sure)

A week to my exam, ,my score for UWORLD SA was 252/99. Good correlation with my final score.

Exam- Many more questions are longer than UWORLD questions. A lot of internal medicine questions. The drug ad and abstract are quite easy you just have to budget extra time for them.

BOTTTOM-LINE: there is no magic book, no hard and fast rules. Learn from the experience of others and modify to suite your style. That was the most useful piece of advice I got from a friend and I am sharing it with you all.Good luck!!

9/30/2011 3:54:29 PM


Could you share your mode of doing UW..did you do it mixed blocks of 44Q or topic-wise, especially towards the last leg of your prep??


9/30/2011 3:56:45 PM

did you take any NBMEs? If yes which one correlated most?


9/30/2011 4:34:28 PM
No, I did not use NBME.

I started UWORLD topic-wise for the first 2 to 3 weeks. Then the last 3 weeks were mixed. And always timed mode.

9/30/2011 4:52:31 PM
Hey, Congratulation...
I am IMG and looking for passing mark only( No need for high scores). I am trying to do the UW only without the FA....Do you think this will be enough?

9/30/2011 8:11:02 PM
The final decision is up to you and depends on your study preference. Personally I didn't find FA for step 2 CK useful

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