Step 2 Ck score discrepancy

10/26/2011 10:23:06 AM
Hey guys, i just got my score today. It's a 253, however the 2 digit score at the bottom of the report says 85. I went to the site for conversion and it says 229 or greater is a 99. Can someone please clarify. Thanks

10/26/2011 11:08:29 AM
I have same problem. I just got my score today, It is 243 but 2 digit says 83. I am shocked and dont know what to do

10/26/2011 11:16:11 AM
ceka98314446 wrote:
I have same problem. I just got my score today, It is 243 but 2 digit says 83. I am shocked and dont know what to do

I know the 2-digit score doesn't matter, but people i know got lower scores and got 90-99. What's going on here?

10/26/2011 1:01:02 PM

10/26/2011 6:03:50 PM
Hi guys..was reading your posts...went through the link the last guy had provided says that greater than 231 is 99...accordingly you guys should have had a 99!
Its quite shocking to hear about the recent change in correlation(i.e. if there is one)..pls let all of us know what happens...are you gonna try and contact the board..BTW if it is any consolation ...when you apply the programs are only sent the 3 digit score and not the 2 digit score.

10/26/2011 10:11:15 PM
The link is still the old correlation, and the 231 is for step 3. There no new correlation yet.

10/27/2011 11:34:04 AM
I too am shocked , my 3digit score is 254 and 2 digit is 85??
how is this possible?

10/28/2011 7:12:19 PM
Hi guys i got 202 with two digit score 77 ,shocking story ,ideally it should be 84 and above

10/31/2011 9:47:07 AM
hey has anyone tried calling or contacting the usmle services to ask about this discrepancy, and could you guys tell me what center you guys gave the exam in considering the karachi center was facing some technical problems in october and therefore had to be closed. My friend gave his exam on the 5th and got a 211/78. In the previous times a 207 was an 85, not to mention a 254 was definitely a 99

10/31/2011 12:54:08 PM
This is the new scoring system for the USMLE. Theyve been wanting to move away from using 2 digits or a while. I did some reading and when they send your score to your prespective hospital they will only include your 3 digit score. The 2 digit score you see is or your eyes only and no one else. The change in the 2 digit score is applicable to anyone who took or will take the exam after September 30th (ie October 1st onward), regardless of which test center you take your exam in...

This will serve nothing more than a sting to our egos who wanted to see a lovely high 2 digit number...The important 3 digit score is still universal and will be the only thing colleges and hospitals you are applying to will see... Now can someone please reply to my post a few spaces down about the UWSA score correlation lol

10/31/2011 3:28:54 PM
It's not fair.
If they want to finish 2-digit score reporting, they can just finish it.
It's not fair to report a 84-85 for a +240 score while other people have got 99 with the same +240 (but they took their exam before October 1,2011)
Agree ?

10/31/2011 3:41:46 PM
I agree, but they did finish with the 2 digit score... Like I said no one will be receiving the 2 digit score anymore, its for your eyes only on the computer screen... So it does not work against you, for all your concerned you can still say you got a 99 lol

11/2/2011 1:57:39 PM
its true that they will send only 3 digit score, but it is a great injustice to all who took steps before oct.

if someone got 220, 94 before oct, how is to be compared with someone getting 258, 89???

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