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11/14/2011 7:20:03 PM
Does anybody know about the best material to study for the SPEX exam? The goal of the SPEX exam is to make sure that previously practicing doctors have a base of medical knowledge, regardless of medical specialty (for example, I am a radiologist). The USMLE Step 3 is a little too clinically oriented, according to my information. There is a company, Mometrix, that publishes some flash cards and other similar documents that focus on this, but I have been unable to find any other sources that do this. Any information about this process would be greatly appreciated.

11/24/2011 10:23:01 AM
Hello, spex is an exam for people who want to [apply to]override the 7 year rule about passing all 3 usmle steps within 7 years or for those who want to work in some parts of the carribean. Personally, when that 7 year rule was becoming an issue, I applied and got employment in a state that does not believe in the delusion of seven year rule and realizes we all have lives and responsibilities outside of being an md and doing exams. If you google 'spex exam' you will find resources from fsmbdotorg, nmbedotorg, exammasterdotcom,studyguidezonedotcom, testprepreviewdotcom, medicalinsiderreviewdotcom and valuemddotcom.

7/1/2015 7:24:57 PM
Does any body know about material to study for SPEX?

8/4/2015 9:06:53 PM
I will take the SPEX in the next couple months, and like you it seems, had difficulty getting good info on it. NMBE has a SPEX PDF practice exam, with a good amount of overlapping questions with their sample USMLE 3 exam. The assessment tests they offer at $60 a pop I think are the same ones as for USMLE 3. Google "NMBE grazie" for explanations to the NMBE assessments, but you should try the assessments first.

I bought a Challenger subscription which includes CME to prepare; they guarantee passing if you do 3 assessments at over 80%. I last looked at this content seriously 20 years ago, and did not remember what pre-renal and post-renal failure when I started in June. In 2 months I had done 9 consecutive Challenger assesments at over 80%.

Then I tried the official NMBE practice materials and found I was not prepared at all. I was shocked by that experience, and grateful that my state has not yet managed to finish processing my application to take the test. That is a whole other story; you need to find humans from your original state licensing board to talk to you; the (official) info on the web was inaccurate regarding the fee, how to pay, where to send it, and all that.

Study materials:
UWorld is recommended all over for USMLE 3, which seems to be essentialy what SPEX is (without the CSS, and only for 1 day).

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