Self assesment

1/2/2012 5:10:58 AM
i just did my self ass. and i got 206! i did not have time to do 14 Q's too! i mean i omitted 14 Q from that Exam !
What do you think guys about such a score and do yo think i can get more if i did another one month of Q bank!?

1/4/2012 2:48:40 PM
hey, i think it depends on a lot of factors, if you are aiming for a 99, you need to work harder (i think i can hear you groaning from here lol) for another 4-6 weeks. i'm saying b/c i took the uwsa a few days before my test, and scored a 240/600, i was so ecstatic but the actual exam was much tougher not just b/c of the questions but also b/c of the length which really pulls your concentration down. and finally my scores just came out today, i got a 220, so my uwsa was kind of 'over-predicting' my score if there's such a thing.

so, bottom line...don't give up just yet, this is the last lap, you're almost there, so work reallyy hard for the next 2 wks, focus on weak areas, do an nbme, and move on from there. good luck!

if there's any way i can help you out, please feel free to PM me. once again, good luck to you!
edited by steps23 on 1/4/2012

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