Advise needed for step 2 & others

1/30/2012 12:13:22 AM
Hello to all,

I have left medicine and have settled in a different career. I want to come back to medicine. I am 36 yrs old. I am starting to study for usmle step 1,2, csa this year. I am not sure about step3 but I don't need a US visa. I have 11 months till dec 31st to qualify for next year match right? Can you please advise on a simple plan like how many months for step 1 & 2? How many months for csa? when is the best time for csa? end of the year before dec 31st?

Thank you so much. I feel a bit nervous but I am motivated and want to do the exam. I'll be sharing my progress with the board.

Thanks again...

2/2/2012 10:44:02 PM
well i am not an expert ,but il tell u what i know

1-if u plan to apply for 2013 match, you should apply by sept 1 2012.
2- cs pattern is changing from june so try to give cs before may 19 , so that ur score will be in hand by sep1.
3-you can give 6-7 wks prep for cs join kaplan classes or anyone you wish
4 step 1 needs 5-6 months depends upon your speed.dont take the exam unless you start gettin your desired score in nbme
step 2 ck around 3 months

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