help please! scoring and percentile USMLE

2/3/2012 8:29:54 PM
Thanks everyone for contributing to the forum. I have found it very useful, though I must say slightly nerve-wracking reading through some of the people's experiences.

I have been advised to shoot for minimum 96/230 for the residency program I am applying for. I wanted to get an idea of what percentage of UWorld I would have to get right and what percentile of test takers that would have required me to score. In the past, i previously believed 96 double digit score means 96 percentile of test takers......

I have used and it seems that 62% raw UWorld correct answer is 96/228 and means 69 percentile of test takers.

I am really wanting to ask anyone who has understanding with regards to what percentiles of testtakers I may need to write in and what raw UWorld score i require to reach my goal of 230 minimum.

thanks so much...
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