I did it... 253 / 85

2/16/2012 6:23:09 AM
Hi everyone, got my result yesterday 253/85. Honestly, I expected much lower score in about 230's according to NBME 4. Prepared for about 7 month. Did Kaplan LN notes twice except psych (only once), FA once , mtb 2 twice, uw twice and Yale-g's once. Started uw world with cumulative 65% and ended with 71% first time, unused, mixed, timed mode. Wrote nbme 4 one week ago and got 540/239. I have already done with step 1 (235/99) in the March of the last year, so after that I was striving to get in ck2 much higher score.
Now a little about the exam. I felt exam much difficult than step 1, not going to scare anyone, but I think that's because I didn't managed my time well on exam. After each block I had only several seconds for review marked ones. In the 3'd and 6'th block even missed two q's in each because of shortage of the time. Got three drug and abstract q's and most of them I totally ignored, didn't have time to read them. Some of the q's were much longer than NBME or UW q's. After exam I felt disappointed and depressed.

Also I want to write a small review about this new book - Yale-g's which may be helpful for them who are looking for an optimal review book; First about the positive side: This book covers almost all of the topic from Kaplan LN's, you'll find even concepts from UW and FA. Surgery isn't as detailed as in LN's but much detailed than mtb 2. There are also many tables in it with many important concepts. Very detailed gynecology and trauma section
Negative sides of this book are many errors, I don't mean technical errors but false concepts, which you can remember mistakenly, if you haven't done already LN's. Overall this book isn't bad, but if you are planing to do any of the combination of FA, mtb 2 and mtb 3 then Yales-g's is unnecessary. If you have extra 2-3 week then go ahead and read.

For summary :
FRED 2 (usmle practice test) 3 months before - 79%
UW first time 71%, second time 85% - started 2.5 months before and finished 1 week before.
NBME 4 one week before 540/239

real score 253 / 85.
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2/17/2012 2:41:55 AM
hello vato; congratulation to you, i hope so you will get residency. you saying sep2ck more harder than step1 .you got excellent score in step1.how many lines longer the questions in ck . how abuot psychiatry or surgery/ obgyne/ pediatrics questions beside int.medicine. i pale to take my exam in april or may i am scared about exam. god bless and good luck reply me soon. thanks, SHME

2/18/2012 7:32:36 AM
Thanks SHME. I think it was my personal feeling that the ck 2 seemed more difficult, because I couldn't improve time management by the time of the exam. Some of the questions are more longer than UW q's, but mostly are exactly as in UW and the exam style is close to UW more than the NBME's.
Psychiatry and Obstetrics q's had average difficulty. About pediatrics I'll say that q's were long, I had to scroll down to read whole case but itself they were not hard. For surgery I remember only 4-5 questions and most of them were easy. That difficult q's that made me freaky were mostly from internal medicine and preventive medicine.
Also important is that, whenever you have cleared step 1, because if you have done this before step 2, then you are ready for pathophysiology q's (or about 25%) of step 2.

2/19/2012 3:05:09 AM
HELLO VATO; thanks for reply. you got also nice score in NBME4. DO YOU HAVE OFFLINE NBME4. if you know link .let me know. how about NBME2 WHAT BOOKS DID YOU READ FOR STEP1 . REPLY ME SOON. THANK YOU AGAIN. SHME

2/19/2012 3:47:19 AM
SHME77646266 wrote:
HELLO VATO; thanks for reply. you got also nice score in NBME4. DO YOU HAVE OFFLINE NBME4. if you know link .let me know. how about NBME2 WHAT BOOKS DID YOU READ FOR STEP1 . REPLY ME SOON. THANK YOU AGAIN. SHME

Hi SHME. I did online form of NBME, don't know about offline forms. Did only form 4. As I know form 2 and 4 predict more then form 3 which is difficult.
For step 1 I read kaplan lecture notes (except pathology), goljan, FA, UW, High Yield series in gross and neuroanatomy, and in embriology.

2/25/2012 7:01:35 AM
please see my personal msg..
reply soon..

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